LEGO Furniture
I don't know why, but I've always liked building LEGO furniture, even though I don't usually do anything with it after it's built. On this page I've put some of my most recent attempts.


As you can see, this is a bed. The black parts should have been brown, but I didn't have any 1x1 round plates, so I had to make them black. I also would have preferred that the sheets be blue and the pillow be white.

Rolltop Desk

This isn't actually a rolltop desk; however, it does look like one. I wanted to make it have a rolltop, though. I've also build two other copies of this model, one dark gray and one light gray.

Large Bookshelf

A large plastic bookshelf that is meant to look as if it is made out of wood. Holds exactly thirty books, and was featured in my film The Man with the Top Hat. The bottom picture is the bookshelf with books in it.

Dining Room Table

This is an exact miniature copy of the table in my dining room, except that this one is dark red, and mine would be more of a brown.

Sofa Set and Table

Two matching sofas (they can actually only hold one minifigure) and a small table that goes in between them. This, as with many other furniture pieces, was build for one of my films. If you have seen all my films, then you know that whatever film uses these has not been released yet.

Other Furniture Pieces

A small black chair that was featured in the Man with the Top Hat. I realized after I had built it that it doesn't really hold a minifigure completely.

A 6 stud long table, built because I wanted to have a model of one of the 6 ft. tables I have in my room. They aren't blue, though.

Two smaller tables built in the same style as the 6 stud one.

A bottle holder without any bottles in it. I forgot to take a picture of it with bottles.

Just... a park bench. For it to stand straight it must be connected to studs, so that's why it's leaning back in the picture.