LEGO Futuristic Car

A sleek, futuristic car I built for Picturesque. Since I knew it would be featured in several scenes, I wanted it to look nice. Overall, it was quite difficult to build... in many places I literally needed bricks passing through each other to work.

Another view.

Back view.

Another back view.

Front view.

Side(ish) view. Note the little capsules coming out in place of wheels. They're only there because they look nice.

Back, again, but closer.

The bottom... nothing special here.

Interior. I like how I was able to fit four seats in there.

Control panels.

If you're wondering how I got the center of the front to stick out 1/2 stud, this is how. I used jumper bricks.

The front panel put back in place.

...and everything together again.