LEGO Grimm Fighter

This fighter was built for a contest on, and it ended up getting sixth place. It's meant to look like a mercenary ship that's been used a lot, and patched up, of course.

Another angle.

And another.

A closer shot of the wing. I don't really know what all the stuff on it is supposed to be, but it looked good.

On first glance, these may look like headlights, due to the clear piece I put on the front of them, when in fact they are blasters (if you noticed, there are already headlights on the end of each wing).

This is one of my favorite window pieces, so I just had to use it.

Here we see the spacious cockpit.

This picture came out somewhat unclear, but it's a shot of the fighter's front.

The wings, you may notice, are actually tilted outward slightly.

Not much in the way of engines, but that's what visual effects are for.

From the top it resembles a V, something I hadn't planned.

From the bottom it also resembles a V! What a remarkable coincidence.

Each wing has a set of four missiles, getting progressively smaller.