LEGO Oval Office

This is a model of the Oval Office in the White House, which I built for a film I'm working on. My intent was not to replicate it perfectly, but only enough for the shots I'd have in the film. As such, you may notice the absence of some pictures on the walls, and other slight differences.

Here we are looking at the back of the room, which probably took the longest to complete. I spent a long time trying to find the proper design to fit the windows and create a decent set of drapes around them. The flags and pictures were printed on normal paper and then cut out and taped to the set. In my brilliance, I put the president's flag upside down.. hopefully it won't be too noticeable in the film. I originally built a very large model of the desk which looked a lot more like the real thing than what you see here, but I realized it was far too big to put in the set, so I had to tear it up and build a smaller one.

The wall on the right side of the room (from the POV of the last picture). As far as I could tell from pictures of the real Oval Office, the walls are all completely white/tan. I attempted this in my model, but I didn't think it looked interesting enough so I made the upper section light gray.

This is the front of the room, with my cheesy clock and fireplace. In this picture the gaps in the wall panels are very obvious. This was caused by my use of jumper bricks to more accurately depict the shape of the wall. I'm not very happy with the gaps, but I've found a way to make them look somewhat cool in lighting. If I ultimately don't like that, I might resort to painting them out in every shot.

The windows in this side of the room were just an experiment, which I didn't like the results of very much. In any shots showing this wall (which there will be very few of), I'm going to steal the windows from the back wall.

The floor was easily the most difficult part of the model to create. More recently in the Oval Office, they've removed the awesome blue rug that was there, showing the floor below it. For my model, I decided I wanted the rug since it would be a lot easier to make than the floor. I probably spent at least $20 on Bricklink buying the dark blue plates used, but it was definitely worth it.

For filming convenience, I designed the floor to split into two pieces very easily.