LEGO Spider

This is my giant LEGO spider. The design was inspired by the big red and orange spider that comes in one of those Designer sets. Mine, of course, is a lot different, as you can see.

Both sides of it are pretty much the same, except for some slight differences in the legs, which I had trouble getting to hold the model up. In the end, the back legs had to be at a steeper angle, making them longer, causing the spider to lean forward slightly, as I think a real one would.

A more menacing angle of it. The legs had to be held together by those blue plates because I didn't have a 4x1 brick with the hinges on both sides in the right color, so I had to connect two 2x1s, causing there to be an extra joint which I didn't want.

The back...

A close-up on the abdomen, I believe. In case you're wondering, this spider is not designed to look like any particular species of spider, although it did come out looking a bit like a Black Widow.

This is where you don't want to be. I tried to get my camera to focus on the leg in the foreground, but the focus can only get as close as 3 cm... but you get the idea.

The eyes.

I found that when a flipped the spider upside down, it didn't look nearly as threatening anymore.