LEGO Spy Car

I will admit that naming this car just "spy car" wasn't very creative, but... I haven't thought of anything else to call it. However, it is a spy car.

It's a bit hard to tell exactly what this picture is of, because everything on the car, except for the chrome highlights, his black. Anyway, this is the front of it.

A sort of front/side view.

Another front/side view, but of the other side.

The underside of the car. I will admit, it is somewhat flat, but you could never tell.

Here we see the full power of the engine, in the back of the car. Nice and orange...

In the midst of all this silver, and the giant white spot of light, the canopy hinges can be seen. You can also see through part of the canopy.

And... with the canopy open. Yes, the car only seats one minifigure.

Since the car is rather low (not very high), there is not enough room to put one of those nice, perfectly shaped seats in here. Well, there might be room, but the canopy wouldn't be able to close all the way.

I seriously don't know what purpose this picture serves...

The top of the car. Here we see all the silver pieces, and the engine.

And lastly, a complete side view of the car.