LEGO Z Rocket

The name for this rocket really has no meaning. I chose it merely because I'm terrible at thinking up names for ships. Anyway, this model is meant to be a combination between a rocket and a fighter. The idea is that it might launch like a rocket, but once in space it would become a more normal fighter.

A cool shot that I just had to take.

Another cool shot.

The bottom section was the most complicated to build, since it involved a lot of tricky connections that had to work, and the fact that I wanted it round.

Here I have taken one of the four engines off, so you can see how it was connected.

I was very happy with how the rocket narrows right here from being eight studs in diameter to four studs.

This is probably the smallest LEGO cockpit ever built that holds a minifigure. I seem to have forgotten to put one in, though...

The cockpit also detaches, in the event that the engines are about to explode.

Finally, here is what the underside looks like.