News Archive
This is an archive of old news posts, going all the way back to when I first launched this site in 2005. It's not formatted very well because I'm lazy, and many places where there should be links aren't links anymore, but it's interesting if you want to see all the junk I've come up with in the last 6 years.

08-01-09    The Dark Knight - Chance
This is a fairly large update, proportional to the amount of time it took me to complete it (a long time, as always). Yet again, I've changed the design to something I hope looks a little better than the last one. In addition to this, all the underlying code is slightly more standards compliant, and, in theory at least, should load faster. In the past, I had a separate news page for my Films, but that never really made sense, so now there's just one news page. Most importantly, however, I've completed a new film. It's a recreation of 30 seconds from the climax of The Dark Knight, complete with digital face animation for Two-Face! To view it, just follow the link in the banner above. Also, I've released a trailer for my upcoming film Picturesque, which you can watch on Youtube.
01-01-09    Happy New Year!
Maybe it isn't all that happy, but anyway... You've probably noticed the big ad type thing at the top of the page. This is a box I've added that will display links advertising new content, such as a new film or model. Right now it's an ad for "Axion Motors"; I thought that instead of adding several new vehicle models to the LEGO page, I'd create a separate web page modeled after most car manufacturers' sites, complete with pricing and such. I'm not selling any of these cars, of course. Since some of these models have been featured in films of mine in one form or another, I assembled clips with all the interesting car shots into an ad for the site. Go check it out! The only other thing I've done is insert Youtube links to all my films. Be sure to visit my Youtube Channel and subscribe.
12-23-08    Improvements
There isn't anything new in regards to content, but I've (hopefully) improved the site design, by replacing the weird shape in the corner with a city and sun, and switching out the navigation menu for a flash document. This means that the site now almost works in Internet Explorer, though there's still a strange line at the top of the page that I can't get rid of. I'm working on some other changes that may be up soon.
11-15-08    Newness
I've finally found the time and motivation to update! Anyway, there's a new model on the Models page - the Oval Office, which I built for my current film. There are also several new images in the Art Gallery. I was also trying to create a filmstrip-type view on that page, for easier viewing of images, but HTML, CSS, and Javascript were giving me too many problems. Perhaps I'll try again sometime.
08-02-08    It's been a while
Yeah, I haven't updated in a LONG time. All that's new, really, is the design. I've done a complete rebuild of the underlying code, so everything's a lot cleaner than it used to be. Please note that there are some pretty weird bugs with the site in Internet Explorer, so it's definitely recommended that you use Firefox. I'll work on fixing them if I have time.
01-02-08    Happy New Year!
Well, I've reverted the site to its normal design scheme. I've also added a number of new images in the Real Photographs gallery.
12-21-07    Christmas Theme
As you may have noticed, I'm trying a little experiment. I've changed the topbar to reflect Christmas more, as I've seen a number of other sites do consistently for a few years. I'm not sure how well it looks here, but I thought I'd give it a try for a week or so. In other news, I've released my SW Trailer on the SDS Site. Be sure to check it out!
11-19-07    Nothing New
This isn't much of an update at all, really. All I've managed to do in the last month is make some minor CSS style changes. Links now aren't underlined (though they're still a different color), and images that are links brighten up when rolled over. Unfortunately, however, I don't believe this last change works in Internet Explorer, but I never liked IE anyway. You're all using Firefox, right? Right? But, anyway, I hope to make a real update soon.
10-13-07    Just... Another Update
Yeah, nothing radical this time. I haven't changed the look, and still have no plans on doing it soon. I am learning Flash, though, so if I get good enough I might just take the topbar and sidebars and turn them into Flash files, so I can do more dynamic effects. Anyway, I've added a new model to the LEGO page, a futuristic car. I've also added two new pictures to the CG Images art gallery, both of which are much better than anything there previously. Well, that's about it, I guess, unless I'm forgetting something.
09-16-07    I Hope This Is It
So, you may have noticed, I changed everything again. Well, I'm pretty sure this is it. I simply hated the old look of the site, thought it was inconsistent, so I decided to start from scratch. The new design is very smooth and professional looking, with custom rollover buttons (I had them before, but they were presets), and, you may notice, the page is centered in your screen! Before it was stuck on the left side, making the design look awkward with two sidebars. I've also integrated the SDS Studios site and this one better. Now, in the corner, there's a big round button that will take you to the SDS site, and on the SDS site is a button that will take you here. Nifty, eh? As far as other stuff goes, there's now a forum link in the navbar, but it won't take you anywhere just yet. More importantly, though, I've added my latest MOC to the LEGO page, and reorganized that section to be more efficient.
08-26-07    Nothing Since April?
As you may have noticed, there haven't been any updates here since April, though there have been frequent ones on the SDS Studios part of the site. There are a number of things I could do, but I'm quite busy now making a film and a new comic, so they'll have to wait. I expect I'll add a new model soon, though.
04-29-07    Black Spider-Man
This isn't a huge update, but I did make one really cool addition to the Characters and Custom Minifigures page: A black Spider-man. After finding out that LEGO wasn't going to be making sets for Spider-man 3, I knew I had to make a black Spider-man, and so I did! Once I actually see the movie, I might be making more custom minifigures, such as Venom, perhaps. In the way of other new things, there are a bunch more photos in the Real Photographs section of the art gallery, and a new one in the Composites section.
04-05-07    I Did It Again
Yeah... I changed the look yet again. Expect me to change it again soon because I'm not entirely happy with this look. Anyway, what was once the 'Reference Pictures' page is now the Art Gallery, which has four sections: CG Images, Real Photographs, SDS Gallery, and Fantasy. There are also two new really cool models on the LEGO page, a fighter and a rocket (the fighter I built six months ago and forgot to take pictures of, and the rocket I built just yesterday). There are also descriptions of the links on the Links page, which you may find useful.
01-18-07    No Update... Can You Believe It?
No update yet... I know I really do need to update this part of the site. However, there is a HUGE update on my film site (click the SDS Studios link in the navbar). And I need to go and change the copyright notice on every page to say '2005-2007.' That's going to be a big job. So... until next time!
11-02-06    Characters
Now, on the LEGO page, there are two new links, which will take you to my Characters and Custom Minifigures page and my Furniture page. Most of the characters are from my Brickfilms, and the only custom minifigure is TC-14, but, as with everything else on my site, I will add to it as time goes on. The furniture page has LEGO® furniture I've built. I've also added a new section to the Art Gallery page, one where I will put real pictures I've taken at various different times. The Shop section, predictably, still isn't hear yet. And of course, there is a new top bar. The reason I changed it this time is because my site didn't have enough bright colors before. Everything was very dark (the old top bar was black and dark blue), which isn't exactly what I wanted. So I guess that's all for now...
09-21-06    Not An Update
When it says "not an update" it means that this isn't a real update. I'm still working on the real update, so you'll have to wait a little while. I know it's been so long... but... well... there's this thing... this terrible thing... SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So... uh... yeah. You get the idea. There is, however, an update on the SDS Studios part of my site.
06-15-06    A Bit Of A Redesign
Yes, I've changed a few things... the navbar, mostly. I got rid of the Short Stories and Artwork pages because I simply don't have the time to update them. There is also a new button on the bottom that will take you to SDS Studios, my LEGO® film site, as I am now a lot more in to this than I was before. Also, there's a new model on the LEGO® page... a spider I made, and I've completely redesigned the About Me page. And lastly, I thought I'd mention that this site is now over a year old. I started it on the 4th of June last year.
04-21-06    An Update... Finally!
I wish I had been able to update sooner, but things just haven't worked out. The main reason why this update took me so long is because I was switching my site over to a different hosting service. The old one raised their prices, so I decided to switch to a better one. Anyway, you will now notice a new navbar, with rollover hyperlink effects, something I've been trying to figure out for a long time now. You will also notice a new opening page for the site. Next, there is a new link on the navbar: "Reference pictures." This will take you to a page with reference pictures I have created. Then, in the LEGO® section, there are four new models.
01-01-06    Another Update...
Okay, I am so sorry that I haven't updated in two months... I haven't had the chance. First, check out the top bar. I was getting sick of that huge double-sided arrow in it, so now we have a star. Also, you'll notice that the site's color scheme now has a lot more blue than before. Lastly, there is now a preview in the My Books page...I think you will find it very interesting.
10-30-05    The End Of The Comic
That's right. I've finally finished the last issue of my Fifth Sector comic, viewable here. Also, in the LEGO® section, I've added the DarkStar Speeder. Next, I've updated the links page. You'll see two new links at the bottom of it.
10-19-05    Not A Huge Update, But Still An Update
I got back from vacation, and have had time to do an update, if not a huge one. As I promised, there's something non-LEGO in this one! Two new links on the navbar: Shop (which is coming soon. It's where I'll sell my custom decals for LEGO minifigures.) And artwork, which has only one thing, but it's not coming soon. Lastly, I have added the third issue of my Fifth Sector comic, here.
10-02-05    More Of The Comic...
So much for another big update "soon." Oh well, there's still some new stuff. Check out the new issue of the Fifth Sector comic, Project RPHFM. And then I've added the new and improved Annihilator Tank. And I promise, the next update will have something non-LEGO in it, as well as some new LEGO stuff. Maybe the next issue of the comic?
09-17-05    A Big Update!
This update has a ton of new LEGO models. First, I've completely reorganized the LEGO® page, and added stuff. There's a new Mineria model; Zec's Shuttle. I've added my Hummer! Then, there's the first issue of my new Fifth Sector comic: Mineria's Attack. Expect another big update very soon.
09-08-05    The New Infantry
I've updated the Forces of Semtorac infantry; adding new troops, updating old ones etc.... Well, you might want to go check it out here. More coming soon...
08-31-05    The Fifth Sector Story!
I've added the third chapter to the Fifth Sector story. Here is the page for it.
08-30-05    New Stuff...
Okay, I know that my site has been down for a while, but it's back! You can see the cool new navbar, as well as the site's new look. The Evil Miners page is now available. To see it, go to the LEGO page and go to "My Official Army". You should see it there. I've been working on my comic for a while, as well as a new Jurassic Park comic, which should be here shortly, as well as a ton of new LEGO models that I've made.
07-17-05    The Third Issue...
I finished the third issue of my third comic. Check it out in the LEGO section.
07-16-05    More LEGO
Check out the new stuff I've added in the LEGO® section. I added Commander Mazda's personal shuttle and some figures from a book I read. The third issue of my comic should be here tomorrow or Monday.
07-15-05    New Things...
I've changed the opening image when you come to the site, and I've added the second chapter to the novelization of my comic.
07-14-05    More Comic Time!
Now, you can view the complete second issue for my third comic!!! Yes!!! And I made all ten pages of it in 2 days.
07-11-05    Comic Time!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Expect me to update my site three or four days in a row sometimes. Well, you'll be happy to know that I've finished the first issue of my 3rd comic, and like I said, the first and second comics will be coming soon.
07-10-05    The Fifth Sector
Two days in a row... I know. Well, check out the 5th sector link on the navbar. For now, I've only added the 5th Sector timeline, but more about the novel I hope to write is coming soon in the books section.
07-09-05    The Stories...
Well, I've turned my first comic, which I haven't put here yet, into a story. I only did the first chapter, but the rest is coming soon. Just click the 'Stories' link on the navbar and you should see it.
06-25-05    Links
Do you think I update this site too much? I think so. Two days in a row is certainly enough. Well, this is just a small update, because I only added the Links page.
06-24-05    The SCF (Small Combat Fighter)
I've finished the About Me page, although I might add more. I also built one model for the evil miners; the HSLDF.
06-19-05    The Forums
I've finally had a chance to add forums to my website. Post away, and tell me what you think, but in the forums.
06-10-05    My Comic
I've added a page for my official LEGO army.
06-04-05    My Website
Welcome to Nick Durron's website. My website will talk about: Lego models that I have made, the books I am writing, and I might sell decals for Lego minifigures. I hope you enjoy my site.